How to send Care Packages and Letters to Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen...

The Issue

In order to keep the bad guys out of our country, every day military personnel put their lives on the line and stay away for months or years at a time.



Do you think it's a good idea to thank them? To give them a boost of joy and a reminder that they are being thought of?
I thought so...


I'm Here to Help You...

So, I'll be giving you all the information I have to get that done...


You Wouldn't Believe

There's so much misinformation (about what to send in the military care package, how to send it, how to fill out customs forms, who to send to...etc.) ... out there it's ridiculous.
That's why I'm writing down all this information for you from personal experience and a butt ton of research.



Everything here is step by step.

What to Write to Troops Overseas
Military Care Package Ideas
How to Pack a Military Care Package
Military Care Package Restrictions
Proper Military Address Format
Easiest Way to Send Stuff to Troops