This is how we fund events and coins to be sent.

When you purchase a Limited Edition Coin... it allows us the funds for "Letter Writing" Events and to send custom "Thinking of you" coins to our U.S. Troops overseas.

Half of each edition will be sent to them for free.

Limited Edition.

I’ve been able to send over a thousand coins to U.S. Troops overseas… and their responses were amazing!

What You'll Get and Benefits:

  • You get the same coin and card the U.S. Troops will receive. (Excellent gifts!)
  • Yours will come packaged in a gold box (see image below)
  • Your contact information will be listed on one coin gift to a service member overseas (in case they have time to write back - some will!)
  • A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Operation Gratitude [a 501(c)(3) non-profit].
  • You can feel great knowing you helped to send “Thinking of You” challenge coins to our U.S. Troops overseas... Totally worth it!

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What This Does for the U.S. Troops overseas:

  • They get a boost in joy and morale.
  • They find out they're not forgotten by us.
  • It brightens their mood at the end of long hard days.
  • I've even seen that the morale from gifts from home has even helped in the battlefield!
  • The coin gives them something to carry so they remember someone's thinking of them.
  • The coin may increase in value for them in the future.
  • Note: Some Troops don't even have families.


This is a limited edition and less than half the coins available to the public, with designs for future coins in the works. Purchase one now for yourself or a loved one and start your collection!

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