Want to leave a legacy and be part of a huge phenomenon that’s meaningful?


I know how it feels to have that dark villain called “No-Meaning-for-U” cloud my future.


I can guide you on how to be an inspiration to generations by having - YOUR OWN NAME, BUSINESS NAME or a MEMORIAL TO SOMEONE - associated with a coin that will be talked about for years to come.


This  Coin


I’ve been able to send over one thousand to our U.S. Troops overseas already… and their responses were amazing!


Every time a coin is purchased here in the United States, it pays for challenge coins to be sent to our U.S. Troops overseas accompanied by... hand-written letters!


Half of each edition will be sent to them!


What This does for the U.S. Troops overseas:


  • They find out they're not forgotten by us
  • They get a boost in morale
  • Gives them something to talk about, read and smile
  • Breaks up the tedious days
  • Some Troops don't even have families - so...
  • It brightens their mood at the end of long hard days
  • I've even read letters where it has helped in the battlefield!
  • The coin gives them something to carry so they remember someone's thinking of them
  • The coin may increase in value over time for them after they get home


What this does for you:


  • Your name or any name you choose will be honored as a U.S. Troop supporter right next to the description and images of that particular coin on BrassPeace.com... For Life! ...(Yes, there are also future plans of a physical display of names)


  • You get one in a pretty gold box with the same exact card the U.S. Troops will receive. (They make excellent gifts too!)


  • ...and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Operation Gratitude [a 501(c)(3) non-profit] for this series


  • … and you can feel good knowing that you helped to send handwritten letters and “Thinking of You” challenge coins to our U.S. Troops overseas... Totally worth it!


(If you need a link, I can help you with that too.)



Here’s the vision:


Ten years from now, 100,000 coins representing over a hundred editions will be made.


They will be bought and sold over many years. As the years increase, so too should the value of the coins.


Millions of people will study the coins and talk about them years from now.


People will collect these coins because:


  1. They have a great story behind them. (U.S. Troops find out people care about them)
  2. They are beautiful.
  3. They are rare. (Only 500 coins will be in each edition to start with)


The perfect formula for value increase. This is the exact reason you see coins on Ebay going for thousands of dollars.


This plan should ensure that the value of the coin over time will increase for the U.S. Troops later when they come home.


You can be part of this!


This is a great way to express yourself for generations to come… and be an example of a visionary which reveals your hidden genius to defeat the pesky villain called “No-Meaning-for-U”.


In a land of noise, how will you be remembered?


Many pass on without a legacy of some type.


This can be yours!


You'll feel complete through… a simple act of compassion!


It’s super simple!



$25 - Buy Now


P.S.  I may only offer these naming rights for the first few editions... not sure yet.