How to Write a Military Address on Care Packages



Have you ever asked, "How do I format an APO or FPO address?"


This is how to write a military address format on an envelope for Letters and Care Packages for Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen...

Proper Military Address Format - Labeling Care Packages



When Shipping


It’s super important when shipping to an APO/FPO address to re-check the best ways to send care packages each time you do it.  Instructions, regulations and Do/Don’t lists are always changing so make sure you check before mailing that care package!

Also, if you’re getting an address directly from a service member, check with their unit, Family Readiness Group (FRG) for Army or for Navy,  Family Readiness Program for Marine Corps, Key Spouse program for Air Force for or Work-Life Program for Coast Guard for:

  1. The correct mailing address
  2. The correct way to list the name and address on the package
  3. When to stop sending packages prior to unit movement


I only ship care packages using USPS “Priority Mail” flat rate boxes.


In fact, the United States Post Office is the only facility allowed to send packages to stationed troops.




Keep in mind,


Overseas U.S. military Bases/Duty Locations are considered domestic (U.S.) shipments. The package goes to a base here in the US and then is shipped overseas, so tracking does not work past that point.  Never include overseas city or country names when writing the address.


Important: The USPS normally says, “If it fits, it ships” when talking about Priority mail packages. However, they also state “When shipping internationally, ship up to 20 lbs in Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes, and up to 4 lbs in Small Flat Rate Boxes.”


The correct way to write a military address is as follows:



  1. Always start with a person’s full name. Optional is their salutation/rank/grade/rating  such as SGT (for Sergeant), CPL (for Corporal)... and so on. Addressing to “Any Service Member” or “Any Soldier” instead of a REAL person, is not allowed.
  2. Write the Address/Battalion/Brigade/Company/Squadron/Troop/Platoon or Box on the second line
  3. Write the Unit and Base/Ship/Camp/Airfield/Duty Location if one is provided, on the third line
  4. Write in APO or FPO for the City
  5. Write in AE or AP for the State
  6. Write in the zip code.



Note: Items 2 & 3 above sometimes change slightly. When in doubt, write it as you got it, as long as you got it from a ranking official or

I hope you find this valuable on how to write a military address. Let me know.


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