What are your favorite non-profits?

  • AnySoldier.com - non-profit for connecting U.S. troops overseas with care-packages and letters.
  • Operation Gratitude - non-profit that sends care-packages to the U.S. troops overseas, U.S. Veterans and Veteran Families.
  • Gary Sinise Foundation - non-profit that builds homes and takes care of families for veterans with disabilities. Also plays live music over 40 times a year for U.S. troops stationed overseas.


What is Brass Peace?

Hi, my name's Mike.

Brass Peace allows me to follow my life's passion for supporting our U.S. troops overseas to make sure they know they matter and someone cares.

It's more of a hobby that I love.

It's set up to bring value to our U.S. Troops. This is critically important to me. It makes it a bit easier to get through the day when you know you're being thought of.


I chose this journey because it connects people. We're all here on earth to experience life, create relationships and to provide care for others.

Tens of thousands of military men and women put their lives on the line everyday and stay away from family and friends for months and years at a time to protect our freedom.

The coin is small enough to carry around so they can easily remember that they are thought of and cared about. Throughout the years my hope is that the coins will increase in value for the troops.