About Brass Peace...


Brass Peace is a US Troop Support Site with a couple functions.

Services include:

  • Instructional posts and videos for people who want to send gifts, letters or care packages to military personnel overseas... START HERE
  • Currently working on a new Gift Coin program to spread love to our U.S. Troops.


What is Brass Peace?


Hi, my name's Mike.

Brass Peace allows me to follow my life's passion for supporting our U.S. troops overseas to make sure they know they matter and someone cares.

This is more of a hobby that I love.

It's set up to bring value... first and foremost, for our U.S. Troops. This is critically important to me. Everyone can use love and appreciation to make it through life's challenges.

Deployed men and women put their lives on the line everyday and stay away from family and friends for months and years at a time to protect our freedom.


A new direction... but first some background.


Between 2013 and 2014 we were providing a service that sent brass coins minted with the words "Thinking of You" along with notes of peace from caring individuals. Hence the name "Brass Peace"

A few of the Brass Peace Gifts sent are on the images on this page.

A total of  1,058 were sent to military personnel overseas including all branches to Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen.

An additional 46 were distributed in the U.S. through gifts, promotions and a few sales for a total of 1,104. I still have ~ 200 coins not distributed.

There were 5,000 made.


So, where's the rest?


Well, to be honest, I kept them in the garage. Bad idea. Someone stole the rest. They are made of red brass. I assume it was for the scrap value and I think it was stolen by a person addicted to Heroin. I cannot divulge who I think it was.

Heart totally broken.


Why did you start Brass Peace in the first place?


I had amazing parents. My dad fought in WWII in a B-17 bomber as a Ball Turret Gunner and Radio Operator.

I simply couldn't wrap my head around the worry, fear and longing for home he must have encountered.

I'm convinced that the love and thoughts that were sent through letters from my mom to him through those years and trials got him through some very rough times.


I want THAT for our current U.S. Troops. I want them to know how much we love them and appreciate what they do.



I saw Love in those Letters - Thoughts are Powerful


I saw this when my Mother would send letters, seemingly every week to friends and relatives with her thoughts and encouragement...

I saw this when my Father would exchange letters with his fellow crewman years and years after the war.

I saw this... when I looked in a box in the attic...


The Details of the Story...


The cardboard box in the attic was ruffled and torn. Holding a flashlight, I noticed large writing in black marker which read, "Mom's stuff" on one flap of the box. Peeling away the top I saw, in a corner next to a stack of cookbooks and the bible, a neatly arranged set of opened and yet, full envelopes.

Within these envelopes were letter upon letter between my Dad and my Mother (then his girlfriend) from when he was serving in the Army Air Corps in WWII. The ability to bond through these letters gave them both hope and encouragement. These two major feelings combined with constant communication kept that budding relationship alive all the way through the time he came home.

So, my father and mother's communication of love was my inspiration.

I wanted to start something that would make a difference before I leave this earth... so I started Brass Peace.


A New Direction


Currently I'm working on a program for more coins and cards for the troops.

I'm so excited!


Thinking of you,

Michael Kirchhubel

See the New Coin