Morale is Critical.

My mom used to send my dad letters when he was in WWII.

I thought…

I want more of THAT for our current US troops… It’s sooo important for them to stay connected to home.


The more I thought about my little idea… the more I realized… it was absolutely essential that I make it happen!


Morale is critical out there!…

it can mean the difference between life and death out in the battlefield!


I want them to know that … YES… we are thinking about them and APPRECIATE what their doing… and just to KNOW that another human being from HOME, CARES about them.


So I’m going to initiate my plan by the end of the year to get this done…

A brand new edition of “Thinking of You” coins to be sent to our beloved U.S. Troops!


I just need some time to sort things out.


Funds that are collected with the “Thinking of You” coins will also fund hand-written letter events!

Yes, it’s critical that we band together and write appreciation letters too. So, with the funds collected from the coins I’ll be able to host multiple letter writing parties with healthy donations to nonprofits that get these to our troops.


I’m excited about this program!


Actually, already started… visit How and What to write U.S. Troops page.


Here’s a picture of the first letter writer!

Thinking of you…