You Can Impact the Lives of U.S. Troops Overseas

...right now!

Thank you for your interest in working with me. From here you can get started immediately.


But first, let me introduce you to what I love to send for people to our U.S. Troops.

It's a "Thinking of You" Coin sent to Random U.S. Troop Overseas to Show Appreciation. This is accompanied with a card with your employee's name (or whomever you wish) it could even be for the first 100 customers that come in on a slow day!

I don't send these for profit... I send these for people for the love of our troops.

Michael Kirchhubel
Brass Peace

I love how I got so many letters back from the troops!

Sandra J Lococo
Monthly Coin Sender

Your support and patriotism has helped strengthen the resolve of our Marines.

Second Lieutenant Richard Sweeney
Marine Corps - Coin Receiver

...The coins were lovely. We each have one and we all love it.

Goomtam, Gloria F SPC
USARMY (US) - Coin Receiver

This coin is awesome! It's got a real heavy feel to it. I love mine!

Dr. Jose Guevara
Coin Program Sponsor

What Does This Really Do for the U.S. Troops Overseas?


  • They get a boost in joy and morale.
  • They find out they're not forgotten by us.
  • I've even seen that the morale from gifts from home has even helped in the battlefield!
  • The coin gives them something to carry so they can remember someone's thinking of them.
  • Note: Some Troops don't even have families.

About the Gift:

  • Each of your employee's names will be listed on individual cards with your business's address and email next to the coin. Then the gift will be sent to a service member overseas (in case they have time to write back - and some will!)
  • The coin the U.S. Troop will receive is 10 gauge, 39mm ~ 1.5 inch, solid red brass.
  • The coin is minted professionally by a 180 year old U.S. company.
  • $1 will be donated for each coin to Operation Gratitude [a 501(c)(3) non-profit] who serves veterans, troops and first responders.
  • I'll provide you with any updates of troop responses on my end. Sometimes they send me responses too.

The cost for a coin the U.S. Troop is only to cover expenses for materials and even includes a...

$1 donation to the non-profit, Operation Gratitude.

Buy a Coin Gift for a U.S. Troop Overseas

$ 5

(includes donation)

Purchase a Coin for Yourself

$ 29.95

(not available yet)